Brandon O'Neill

Brandon O'Neill is an Australian football player who plays as a defensive midfielder for South Korean club Pohang Steelers. He is to be commended for his commitment to football, his determination to overcome obstacles and his ambition to push himself. Brandon and Sydney Football Club (former club) are to be congratulated for their outstanding achievements in the A - League 2016/17 Season: A - League Premiership and Championship. Individual accolades include being awarded NAB Young Footballer of October 2016 and a representative of the Australian U23 Football Team. 

When and where did you first hear about T³o Designs?

 I first came across T³o one night scrolling through Instagram. I saw one of their very first releases of their watch and liked the picture. Immediately after I scrolled through their page and almost liked every single post they had ever done. I was drawn straight away to their watches and how simplistic yet attractive their design was.

Where did your interest in watches come from?

My interest in watches started from a very young age. I was maybe 2-3 when I was given my first watch the wear. In every single picture in the family album I was never seen not wearing a watch! I had to be wearing one whenever and wherever I could. The interest of watches grew and grew and I'm pleased to say I have a very strong collection now.

What do you like about T³o Design’s watches?

T³o watches are designed how a watch should be. The face is big.. but not too big and overpowering. The attention to detail inside the face and the band itself is brilliant. Simple yet so appealing, their watches really do stand out. Professional is the perfect word I would use.

What are your interests outside of football?

Apart from football and watches I have a few interest in my normal life. I'm an avid horse racing fan. I own shares in 3 horses at the moment that are based in Randwick! I also have set up my own business called Sweetllamb. Sweetllamb is an online platform in which you can buy and sell used or unwanted football boots. Think of it as the carsales/gumtree of boots! 

Tell us a bit about SweetLlamb? 

As mentioned before my own business called Sweetllamb is a very exciting project!

I created it with the thought that there is no specific place you can go to buy and sell your football boots.

Officially launched on the 28th July 2017, it has kicked off well. The project was started with the goal of giving back to charity. Every month a professional athletes boots will be available for auction- with all the proceeds being donated to the Royal Children's Hospital in Randwick & the John Moriarty Foundation! 

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